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A reprieve

It turns out that we won't be able to make it to Anime Central. Precisely, Anna can't go because she has opera rehearsals all weekend. Thus, we're postponing our Dynasty Warriors group to Otakon. Having three more entire months to work on this stuff is a major relief...especially because I didn't manage to get my fiberglassing done before summer's end and this way, I can wait until spring and finish it up outside (instead of having to shut off the basement for a few hours and work there). I'm not going to use this as an excuse to majorly slack off, but at least I can quit feeling guilty if I wind up vegetating in front of Ratchet and Clank instead of working on patterns.

The pants are almost done! Almost! I just have to figure out where the heck my elastic went or go buy more. As far as armor goes, a friendly SCA'er on the cosplay community advised me to go with 16-gauge aluminum because it's easy to cut with snips but reasonably durable. I recut my paper armor pattern, and I'm going to triple check it before ordering my metal. I might actually order it just a tad smaller than 1 1/2", like 1 3/8" or even 1 7/16", so that the squares won't bump up against each other at all.

I got my Mega Box o' Stuff from Dharma Trading. I can't wait to try out my Neopaque fabric paints. They're supposed to be top of the line, and I'm sure they'll look so perty with my stencils. It looks like we have an activity for Saturday... *bouncebouncebounce*
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