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Things that chafe my ass - anal-retentive anti-piracy edition

I am getting more and more pissed off at seeing the Morality Police lump abandonware copyright infringement (regardless of whether or not you actually bought the original game) with downloading new games to get out of having to pay for them. Yes, all infringing activity is illegal, but being indirectly referred to as a thief who is hurting the industry just because I have a few old NES and SNES ROM's on this machine is really fucking aggravating...especially since I own the original cart for every damned game I downloaded. So if I purchase something way back in the day and feel like downloading a dump of it for my own convenience (or a silly hack of it to laugh at), who am I "stealing" from, what did I "steal", and how did I "steal" it? This gets especially absurd when you consider that some of these games were made by companies that have since died. For instance, Ocean, who produced the Addams Family games, got bought out by Infogrames, and with all the new and upcoming releases they have to support and develop, somehow I doubt they give a crap about a nearly 13-year-old game for a dead platform. The reason I say this is that about 12 years after Deadly Towers was released, I heard that somebody had written to Broderbund back in the day and gotten a nice set of maps for the game. I had picked up the cart a while ago and wasn't having any luck mapping the game myself, so I emailed them asking about it, and they told me that they had no information about this game at all. And this was 7 years ago! I bet they sure were heartbroken when I downloaded it just for shits and giggles.

Certainly if you like a recently released game, you should buy it. Its developers and publisher need the income to continue to exist and produce games that you like. I just get irritated at being lumped in with asshats going double the speed limit in a residential area when my activity is more akin to doing 60 in a 55 - technically illegal but harmless.
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