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Things that chafe my ass - severely outdated scripting edition

To: Ever so clueful individual who maintains the Tandy Leather website
From: Me
Subject: 1999 called - they want their JavaScript back

That really is when their crappy shopping cart JavaScript, which breaks on anything that isn't IE 4+ or Netscape 4 (barf), was written, as I discovered when I tried to add items to said shopping cart and the site didn't do anything. The site was generated by some e-commerce software, and that is the copyright date given for it on the bottom of each page. I could understand this sort of silliness a long while ago when Netscape 4 was still quite popular. As some of you know, IE and Netscape each had their own significantly different document object model (DOM), so JavaScripters had to basically write their code twice over in different ways if they were doing anything even remotely sophisticated. The W3C, which comes up with web standards, developed a standard DOM that is supported in all major browsers, including IE 5+. When did IE 5 come out? 1999. When did Netscape 6 (which, crappy as it was, also supported the W3C DOM) get released? 2000. When did Netscape 4 drop into obscurity? Not long afterward. So why in the flipping fuck are we still seeing this ancient proprietary crapola five years later?

I sent a friendly email to Tandy's customer support and filed a tech evangelism bug as well. In the meantime, I'll be doing my shopping at sites that actually bother to keep up with the times.
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