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I got one of my sash stencils traced and cut. Though it seemed unwieldy at first, my new stencil burner works awesomely. I think the result came out pretty well, but I still want to pick up some model sandpaper (the normal kind tears up plastic) to get the edges even smoother. Hooray for anal-retentiveness. I finally got around to drawing the pattern for the front sash (which is different from the other three), but I didn't cut the stencil because it's late and I'm going to bed.

Although I have all this work ahead of me, I'm already thinking about the thief Rikku I want to make afterwards. Yeah yeah overdone blah blah blah forty quadrillion of them yada yada yada. Guess what. I don't care. It's a cute costume and I love it and that's final. And although it is extremely common, I still feel that I could bring something new to the table. I've never seen anybody get the bow at the front of the bikini top completely accurate (I don't blame them at all - to get it dead on, you have to make your own bikini pattern that doesn't work like any other bikin I've seen and manage to grommet stretch fabric - funfunfun), and thief Rikkus based off the artwork pic I have (which has more muted outfit colors) don't seem to be that common. Most people use the brighter colors of the game. I like the art version better, so that will be another not-so-overdone aspect. Anyway...because Dana (meanjunglist) is a w00t kn1tt3r and does commissions, she'll be making a 7' tasseled scarf for me to gradient dye. I figured I might as well start discussing it with her now because she's available and I'm all like OMFG SCARFY GOODNESS. My first choice of material is 100% wool yarn, but we're worried about shrinkage and felting because the acid dyes from Dharma Trading need to be heated to 185+ degrees F in order to work. We might wind up dyeing a test swatch as carefully as possible and seeing how it behaves. If it does, I'll definitely share the methodology with everyone else. Sharing is caring. Weeeee.
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