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w00t w33k3nd

I know you love me
I want to roll you up into my life
Let's roll up to be
A single star in the sky

(I'm still a Katamari addict...and I just downloaded the soundtrack. Weeeee.)

Dana and Brian came up to State College for the weekend. We had lots of fun, spending some time hanging out and going to see The Incredibles (with a post-movie Denny's run) with some of Brian's friends. As you probably guessed, I didn't get much work done on either of my costumes...

...but I did manage to hem the legs of Randy's pants (and I'm happy with how they turned out - nice and even with a crisp crease at the bottom). Now I just have to seal the inner raw edge somehow (I think I'll use temporary spray adhesive to stick hem tape on and just sew around it) and have him try them on so I can mark the top of the waist and FINALLY finish them! I had tried sewing hem tape all around the top, but a section of it got messed up, and I was having a tough time ripping it out. Luckily, Randy has short legs (he hikes up his pajama bottoms so they don't drag on the ground), so I hope I'll be able to just cut off that mess and deal with the raw edge later after the waistband is done.

My spiffy surcoat brocade is back from the dry cleaners' (it's 78% rayon, and untreated rayon shrinks and stiffens when wet with water unless you treat it extremely carefully, so that's really the best way to clean it), so I can start on that garment as well. That is, I can start when I figure out how the dratted thing is going to be held in place. It has an open front, but it will have to be tied so it doesn't crawl around when worn. Based on what I've seen on other similar garments, I think it will suffice to sew about 1/2" ties into some front seam or another.

Based on the weight of the requisite leather, metal, and hardware, I calculated that each leg armor piece of Randy's will weigh about 9 pounds. Luckily he's a big oaf and that won't be a big deal. ^_^ I need to get the appropriate punches so I can start working on that piece as well.

It's funny...I was starting to really bug out over my costumes because I was faced with having to do about forty hours of machine satin stitching and I could only handle 15-30 minutes of that at once because otherwise my right arm and eyes started to complain. I was actually worrying that I would never get these outfits done on time. Now that I decided to stencil the designs instead, I feel so much better.

Speaking of my arms...they still act up sometimes (my right forearm didn't like me very much at bowling tonight), but they are getting better. One gauge of my recovery is attempting to do a pushup. For a while, they would bother the back of my shoulders. They don't any more. They still feel weird in the area around my elbows, but at least that's improvement.
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