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I dreamt last night that Kerry won in a landslide. I woke up and loaded up this, which showed that his share of the votes had shifted dramatically in a good way since yesterday. I know that polls aren't psychic or anything, but it made me feel good. And I honestly think that time is running out for Chimpie. No, I am not drinking blue raspberry Kool-Aid or playing IS NOT or anything...I seriously feel optimistic about the upcoming election.

Bowling was fun as usual. I made my average. I think I'm handling the ball much better than I was when I first got it. I am correcting my typoes, but oh well.

On a crappy note, my right arm is paying for all that snipping I did last night. I think I have RSI's from too much typing at work on a too-high desk, so I really need to pace myself. I guess it's back to the boring pants finishing for the time being, and then maybe I should make myself sew around the entire first motif until I cut out the next one. Feh.
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