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26 October 2004 @ 12:10 am
Owie update  
The commercials for the new Grand Theft Auto game are to blame for my current choice of music. At least it's a good song.

I had another appointment with Dr. Allatt today. Though my shoulder and back owies aren't completely gone yet, they've diminished, and I gained significant flexibility as well. (I can touch my chin to my chest, something I didn't come close to at my first visit.) But now my elbows are behaving weirdly (this is actually what bothers me the most when I try to do chins). It appears that I have inflexibility issues and strength imbalances in my forearm muscles, and once again, working at a keyboard all day most likely aggravated that. I got a keyboard with a built-in wrist rest, which should help, and a prescription to do the sort of stretches and exercises that golf and tennis players use to help keep their forearms in good shape. At the gym tonight, I did two measly sets of wrist curls and reverse wrist curls with a 5-pound dumbbell, and I'm already starting to get DOMS. Wow. And now that I've started forearm stretches, I'm noticing that they are indeed inflexible as heck. I thought they were fine because I can bend my wrists backward enough to comfortably hold the bar in a clean grip during front squats, but that only represents one aspect of forearm flexibility. Oh well...at least yet again, I have some good instructions to help myself improve, and at least I can comfortably do dumbbell rows (which I couldn't do comfortably when I first started shoulder owie rehab). For the record, that nice set of comfy chins was done after I ran over a mile. I think that at the moment, it just takes a lot to get my upper body properly warmed up for that exercise. I'm going to not bother with chins for at least a couple of weeks and then try them again after another run.

Man...cutting out suitably sized rectangular blocks of lightweight fusible interfacing, fusing it to duchess satin, and then cutting the result into pattern pieces takes for fricking ever. But it's going VERY well. I'm happy that I decided to start my sash pieces over because these new ones are (nearly) perfectly rectangular, not fraying at all (the interfacing works wonders that way), and nicely stabilized, which will make them much easier to sew. Incidentally, my big cutting mat has been very helpful for this because of its handy-dandy grid. If any of you crafty folks don't have one of these, I highly recommend that you pick one up. They're expensive (the 24" x 36" one I have retails for around $40), but JoAnn's periodically runs sales where all cutting implements are 50% off, so there ya go. Incidentally, that's also a great time to pick up Gingher shears, which are very high quality but pricey. If you don't live near a JoAnn's, you still might be able to find a similar good deal at another store or order one for cheap online. That reminds me...I should write the blog article about do's and don'ts of saving money on sewing stuff that I've been bopping around in my head for the past week...
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silverluzsilverluz on October 26th, 2004 06:27 am (UTC)
gingher rox0rs ^_^ need to get mine sharpened...