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Today was very long, gray, and dull. After I finally escaped work, I decided that I was up for some shopping. Walking into The Shoe Fly felt like being tossed back to my childhood. Evidently '80s shoes are very in right now. This made me very happy, especially because I got a nifty pair of black and white retro sneakers on sale. I thought I might find some similarly adorable old-school-inspired stuff at Metro (or, at the very least, more basic long-sleeved tops), but no...the tops seem to have magically disappeared, and most of the retro shirts were of the annoying variety. At first they seemed cool. "Oh boy! Ringer baby tees in a wide assortment of interesting colors!" But then I noticed that they were all decal shirts, most of the decals sucked, and they were deliberately made to look like they'd taken umpteen trips through a cannibalistic dryer. And they all cost $25. Considering that I wash my decal shirts inside out in cold water and line-dry them specifically because I DON'T want the decal to get all beat up and faded, I sure as hell wasn't going to pay a premium for a shirt that somebody had taken the liberty of kicking the crap out of for me. I would have actually wanted the Kamp Krusty shirt if it had looked new. Stupid marketeers.

Also to my chagrin, I found out that Rapid Transit no longer sells the nifty jazz pants that I got there a couple of years ago. The ones I have are too big around the waist, and I want to replace them. There weren't any similar pants available, either. I guess it's time for some online shopping. At least I got a bunch of good used CD's at Arboria. w00t.
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