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I can do chin-ups! I can do heavy overhead dumbbell presses! I just have to limit them to a few short sets or else I start getting owey. At least I can do these several times a week.

I got those damn pants seams to behave. I wound up pinking them and then encasing them in 1/2" double-fold bias tape. I'll probably finish sewing the pants tomorrow.

I realized that I forgot to write about two weeks' worth of bowling. Last week, we had to make it up because Rando and I got a cold at the wedding. My first two games were utterly awful, so I thought we got hosed, but evidently the other team did way worse than we had done overall and we got all the points and wound up tied for first. And then this week, we got served, but I don't give a shit because it was a great night. For whatever reason, we wound up bowling Team Yella again, but it was A Good Thing (tm) because they're definitely one of the more fun groups in the league. Jeff brought beer. Lots of silliness, good-natured smart remarks, and general yucking it up ensued. Josh (subbing for Rando, who is currently in Alexandria, VA for training) and Julia tag-teamed to get my tipsy ass home. Damn do I ever love the bar league.
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