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*falls down goes boom*

We just got back from Otakon about 20 minutes ago. I had a kickass time, but unfortunately, my throat decided to act up on the way home. I think I'm getting sick. >_< Highlights of the con included the following:

- Getting into the main room for MAT3K this year
- Buying neat stuff in the dealers' room
- Meeting ladyaltara, her hubby, and their cute daughter ^_^
- Wearing my revamped Felicia costume (which, aside from a couple of rebellious pieces of toupee tape, behaved better than last year's) and getting lots of pictures taken, including one in the photo booth and one with another Felicia cosplayer I ran into
- Hanging out with a Ryoga cosplayer I met in the photo booth (if you're Ben and you see this, leave a message, umkay?)
- Going out to the Cheesecake Factory with aitai, skurtchasor, splorchnet, Hilfboy (splorchy's cousin), Joe (one of Rando's best friends, who we randomly ran into in our hotel), and Rando (duh)

I managed to lose my pass sometime on Saturday night, but that didn't really bother me because I wasn't interested in seeing anything on Sunday, and I'd already spent enough money on nifty crap anyway. So I just went to Barnes and Noble while Rando watched stuff and shopped. I also pondered what I want to make for next year (yes, I know, I've become a cosplay nut, but that's A-OK with me). If I have to call in sick tomorrow, at least I can put the time to good use downloading FFX-2 reference piccies. ^_^
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