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10 August 2003 @ 10:27 pm
*falls down goes boom*  
We just got back from Otakon about 20 minutes ago. I had a kickass time, but unfortunately, my throat decided to act up on the way home. I think I'm getting sick. >_< Highlights of the con included the following:

- Getting into the main room for MAT3K this year
- Buying neat stuff in the dealers' room
- Meeting ladyaltara, her hubby, and their cute daughter ^_^
- Wearing my revamped Felicia costume (which, aside from a couple of rebellious pieces of toupee tape, behaved better than last year's) and getting lots of pictures taken, including one in the photo booth and one with another Felicia cosplayer I ran into
- Hanging out with a Ryoga cosplayer I met in the photo booth (if you're Ben and you see this, leave a message, umkay?)
- Going out to the Cheesecake Factory with aitai, skurtchasor, splorchnet, Hilfboy (splorchy's cousin), Joe (one of Rando's best friends, who we randomly ran into in our hotel), and Rando (duh)

I managed to lose my pass sometime on Saturday night, but that didn't really bother me because I wasn't interested in seeing anything on Sunday, and I'd already spent enough money on nifty crap anyway. So I just went to Barnes and Noble while Rando watched stuff and shopped. I also pondered what I want to make for next year (yes, I know, I've become a cosplay nut, but that's A-OK with me). If I have to call in sick tomorrow, at least I can put the time to good use downloading FFX-2 reference piccies. ^_^
Current Mood: zonked
Current Music: Be For U - Dive
Onezumionezumi on August 11th, 2003 02:22 pm (UTC)
Thats so strange I was there the entire time and never saw you. I did see the other Felicia cosplayer, though. Were you at the main cosplay gathering on Sat @ 2 near event halls A and B and the fountain?

But then again my wntire weekend was spent being fucked up the ass by Otakon staff re: my art and standing in lines re: my art.

A really pissed off review is to be posted this evening. Just a word of advice..if you or anyone you know is thinking of participating in the art show in ANY CAPACITY AT ALL...tell them for the love of hell DO NOT DO IT.
The Heavy Metal Matador: feliciarydain on August 11th, 2003 07:04 pm (UTC)
D'oh! >_< I was in the art room in costume sometime on Saturday afternoon, and I didn't see you either! I wasn't at that gathering, though, mainly just wandering around in the halls with friends looking for people to get pix of (and getting pictures taken). At least I found your stuff in the show, but I didn't get a chance to bid. I saw the sign re: ordering from your site, though, so at least we can do that instead. (I do want some of your w00t schtuff. ^_^)

Someone posted about a bad art show experience in otakon. Evidently their 11-year-old sister was screamed at and called a moron for changing a name on HER OWN ARTWORk. Did they assign all the asshats to that department or something? Thanks for the heads-up, and I'm looking forward to said pissed-off review - I'm sorry that it was so craptacular for you. I'm not much of an artist, but I'll gladly pass on your experiences to others who are.
Lizladyaltara on August 11th, 2003 04:31 pm (UTC)
hey, it was great meeting you too!
Glad your costume cooperated with you ^^