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It's quittin' time! *whistle toot*

Well, time to quit for the night, that is. I've been working on Xiahou Dun's pants for most of today, and they're still not done. A pattern advertised as 2 hours takes a hell of a lot longer when you're dealing with fabric that has a two-way pattern (meaning that it took me for fricking ever to line it up so that said pattern would be mirrored neatly around all three of the garment's seams) and won't hold creases (meaning that I can't flat fell the seams like I wanted to, so I'm going to just bind them with double-fold bias tape). Still...after all that pinning and adjusting and realizing I messed up and had to repin the entire pattern (and this happened several times...hooray for Donny Don't...but at least I didn't cut it and then realize the layers weren't aligned right), the pattern does match pretty well on the seams that I've sewn. Granted, it is just a tad off, but considering that this was my first time futzing with such fabric and the irregularity is something that you'll never see unless the seam is laying flat and you're looking at it up close, who really cares?

The particular fabric I'm using is great. It has a nice satiny texture on the right side, but the wrong side feels almost like cotton, and though you have to be careful that it doesn't slide when you cut it, when it's time to sew, it behaves very nicely. I just pinned it and sewed it and voila - a nice smooth seam with no puckers. Plus, it's still on sale at JoAnn's (down to $3/yd last I checked!) and available in other colors (I remember seeing deep green and purple last time). I'm thinking about buying more of it for future usage. I have to go out to the store tomorrow for double-fold bias anyway. I have to get those seams encased because they're already starting to fray (which is the one problem with this fabric...buh).

I forgot to mention that I ran a mile in 8:57 on the treadmill at the gym the other day. w00t.
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