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We're leaving for Yuda and Andrea's wedding shortly. I got in a 2 1/2 mile run beforehand. That's a new track record for me. It won't be long till I'm running the full 3 miles (which is the extent of the markings - one lap in the outer lane is actually slightly over 1/4 mile, so you need to use the marks to figure out how far you went).

Oh...and remember that mexcellent costume I posted a couple of entries back? Its creator told me that she appliqued all the swirlies on. Yeah, I know, my jaw was hanging open too, but it's actually quite doable - you just have to be extremely patient (and believe me, when it comes to making nifty crap, I am). The trick is to fuse the applique fabric to Wonder Under or some other similar product, cut the appliques out, iron them to the base fabric, and then machine satin stitch all around them. The Wonder Under does several important things at once: stabilizes the pieces (which is really important when you're working with satin), keeps them from fraying (again, this is a common satin-related problem), gives you a good way to cut them out precisely, and nails them flat to the base fabric. Thus, it seems like an excellent way to go if you want to do crazily detailed applique without driving yourself completely batshit, and it will also be excellent for assembling the sashes. I've got to pick up a bunch of it and a monstrous cone of blue embroidery thread as well. I am so going to do this. As always, pictures will be posted when I have something to show. ^_^
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