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Part 2

I squatted 130 pounds tonight. That's just 20 under my bodyweight, which would also be a new personal record.

I forgot to mention that Rando and I went to Wiscoy, a nifty pet shop out by the Giant on North Atherton. They sell Wellness brand food (which is excellent and tough to find locally - next time the kitty food stash runs out, I'm going to get some to add to their kibble mix), cool cat trees (Rando got a 6' one recently, and the cats love it), and all kinds of neat toys. We picked up a Woolly Bully mouse, which intrigues me because it magically fixes itself in a hot water wash (it's natural wool, so the fibers just shrink back into place), a bunch of felt "brick" mice (we don't know why, but Chester and Cookie seem to find them much more intriguing than the standard fake fur mice), a chenille mouse with a bell on the tail (we put this one away when the cats are done with it because we worry that they'll eat the bell), and an Alpine Scratcher refill (we'd been long overdue for one, and Petco was always out). Spoiling cats rotten is so much fun. ^_^
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