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*shaking with rage*

Take that literally...and be warned that I was swearing up a storm in real life just a few minutes ago and I haven't calmed down yet.

August 4 Collegian opinion page (you need a PDF viewer to read the letters)

Judging from the current music, it should be obvious as to which editorial has put me in such a state. How the hell can someone be so gleefully and blatantly bigoted against a segment of the population that hasn't done a damn thing to hurt him? How can they shove people into an underclass based on a harmless aspect of the very fabric of their being? How the FUCK can they spread attitudes that induce troubled gay and bisexual people to commit suicide because asswads like this sincerely think they're subhuman?

I mean,'d think that by the time you got to be a senior at a large university, you'd have run into at least one person who wasn't 100% straight. (Hell, many people who identify as heterosexual have had a bisexual thought every now and then.) Even if you didn't get to know them, you could still observe that they're just another person, not a festering boil on the butt of society. Then again, someone who is this rabidly anti-gay has their head rammed so far up said butt that I doubt they could tell if their shoelaces were crooked. But of course they could...they wouldn't want those eeeeevil homo shoes to trip them and crack their swelled head on the sidewalk, would they?

(not making much sense, not caring, need sleep, bye)
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