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The good: Squatted 125 pounds yesterday. Ran just over 2 1/4 miles today. My legs are acting up less and less any more.

The bad: I've had a relapse of upper body owies. I'm not doing any upper body lifting this week, and I ordered a Theracane to help me get at the stubborn trigger points hanging around my upper back.

The cosplay-related: I had to recut part of that damned Zhang He claw mold. Yes, again. I started sanding it down earlier, and it seems to be coming along pretty well. Hopefully the third time will be the charm. I'm almost done priming the sword, too. Contrary to standard operating procedure, spraying on thick coats of primer is actually the way to go if you're trying to fill in fiberglass weave. After the entire thing is coated to my satisfaction, I'll sand it down slightly with very fine grit sandpaper and then go nuts with the Tamiya acrylics. I made a nice pattern for the guard and am trying to figure out how in heck I am going to implement it. It wouldn't be terribly difficult to make a flat version of it out of wood, but in the reference picture, it isn't actually flat. It bends up slightly in the middle so that there's a vertical ridge running down its center. Then again, with files and sandpaper, I'd think that I could carve such a contour into a piece of basswood. In either case, the raised decorations would be cut from thin balsa with a craft knife and glued on, and at some point, the entire shebang would be laminated with fiberglass. In case you can't tell, I've become such a fangirl of the stuff, even though I still need zeriel to hang around and help me get it to behave.
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