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Hotmail can go sniff a protein fart

I won a spot on Katie Bair's February 2005 wig roster. I didn't even have to bid up to my max. Right after I saw the final results, I kept checking the Hotmail account that our Paypal account pointed to, looking for the confirmation email so I could reply to it and send payment. I didn't see it yesterday, but I figured it would be there soon, so I didn't worry about it too much. I just kept logging in to look.

Well...I happened to look at the wig roster today, and I noticed that mine had gotten BALEETED. It turned out that I had had to respond to the confirmation email within 24 hours of the end of the auction, and said email had never arrived. The account doesn't have any sort of spam protection that would have automatically killed it, either. Of course, there's no way to prove this, so it looks like I'm fucked out of my deposit (which was thankfully only $10) and my spot. Yes, I can try again next month (and the month afterward, if I need to), but I'm just steamed that I got screwed due to somebody else's incompetence. I'm also kicking myself because for whatever reason, I thought I had 48 hours to respond instead of 24, so I could have bugged Katie yesterday after having never received my mail and actually gotten to confirm. Shit.

In any case, I wouldn't ever use Hotmail to receive important email. Ever. We switched our Paypal account over to Gmail instead.
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