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Happy stuff

w00t. The bar league started. This time, we have four-person teams, so we recruited Dirty Uncle Scro-Tor for that last spot. We didn't do official league bowling tonight, but each game only cost a dollar, so we figured we might as well hang out and practice. I thought that I was going to hose horribly because I hadn't bowled since spring and I have that whole arm crankiness to deal with. I started out weak-wristed, but I actually wound up doing pretty well for my first night back in a while. I got some strikes and spares and a 120something game. I decided to just throw the damn ball instead of worrying about trying to get a big hook out of it, and I was able to get a consistent small hook that hits near the pocket, so I'm just going to go with that. Oh, and Rando bowled a 249 game that included 7 strikes in a row. I think that's a new record for him.

My back is tired because I squatted 120 pounds butt to calves earlier today. Weeeee. And I can actually do a couple of chin-ups without bothering my upper body. It does start to bug at about the third or fourth rep, so I have to quit then, but at least some are better than none. I can also do one-armed dumbbell presses, which are a great compound exercise for your chest, shoulders, and tris and supposedly good for people with crunky rotator cuffs because they involve a natural motion that doesn't keep anything rotated weirdly. When I get back to being able to work out my upper body with high weight and low reps, I might train those as my heavy pressing exercise. I've read that some people's anatomy just doesn't jive well with bench pressing. As long as I can lift heavy shit, I really don't care which exercise(s) I wind up with.
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