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Blergh. I wanted to get a bunch of cosplay work done yesterday and today, but no...I got distracted by Dynasty Warriors 4 Empires and Phantom Brave. At least I managed to go running (Saturday) and mow the lawn (today). (Yes, it appears that I can now do actual running without getting an owie behind my knee. Yay.) And at least I got to play with the really nifty character model view mode in DW4 Empires. It lets you zoom in pretty far, so you can see detail that isn't visible anywhere else (such as that elusive design on Zhang He's front sash). With this, I was able to fix the fudged middle part of my pattern for the side and back sashes. I was pleasantly surprised at how close I'd gotten with an art book painting (that showed less than half of the piece at an angle) as my best reference. All I had to do was add a small flourish near the center, bring in the outer curve to make up for that extra horizontal space, and scale the entire thing down to fit the width I'd allotted for it. Like all the other sketches I've been making for these costumes, the original draft had been drawn on graph paper, so I was able to quickly redraw it using the super-scientific method of eyeballing it and making the curves just a tad shorter as needed, referring to the lines every now and then to be sure that I wasn't skewing the vertical alignment of anything.

Oh yeah, and it turns out that I'll be saving that beautiful gold trim for another project. Trying to get it around a curve doesn't work very well. You can fold it or even cut notches into it, but because it's shiny, either method would leave annoyingly obvious lines running across it. I guess I'll go the route of making skinny appliques out of gold satin. It's too really is nice-looking trim. I love its checkered pattern. Maybe I'll at least try to see if it can be curved using the steam-shrink method (gather one edge and steam it with an iron until the gathers disappear), but since it's metallic, I highly doubt that would be possible because metallic thread has a reputation for melting when ironed. Feh.
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