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Random stuff

I can indeed squat heavy. I can also do a decent assortment of pulling exercises. Pushing exercises are still sketchy (the only one that always feels OK is the humble triceps pushdown). My owies are getting better, though.

I found an assload of trigger points in my legs. I've been working on them. Since they're deep and need to be prodded firmly with a blunt, hard object, I now have lovely bruises all over my left thigh. Joy.

I sanded down a bunch of that claw mold half, realized that I'd been dumb and sanded the wrong spot, stuck paper clay on said spot, and then realized that there were better ways to make the foam base, so I decided to chuck attempt #1 and start anew. For one thing, the total height of the piece is only slightly greater than 4 inches (the height of two layers of foam). The first time around, I glued a chunk of foam to the top of the stack just for that little bump. It was cranky when I cut it, tending to peel at the end that tapered off to nothing. Now that I know more about the process, I'd rather ignore that little bit of mold while cutting and add it afterward by slapping on a bunch of Bondo and then sanding it down to the proper curve. I also realized that there was no need to cut out the bottom edge of the piece because I won't be laying any fiberglass over it, so I could have just sanded a small indentation in the sides of the mold below the bottom edge line (which ensures that the cloth will lay right) and left the mold bottom nice and sturdy and flat. To make a long story short, that extra flat edge will also allow me to cut the entire piece at once instead of having to split it in half. least I got a feel for how the mold's curves should (and shouldn't) look, so I'll just consider attempt #1 to be practice. And at least insulation is cheap and I have a crapton of it left over.
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