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Thanks to everyone for the well wishes. I really appreciate it. ^_^

I went to Doc #2 today. He happened to have lived in Atherton Hall during his undergrad years, so we had lots of interesting conversation about fun times, nifty rooms (like the ones with patios and the ones on the 3rd floor with stairs), and how the building has changed over the years. At any rate, he put electrodes on me and zapped me with this taser-like thingy that made my arm jump practically a foot in the air. He also put needles in my muscles and had me flex and move them to check their response. The results of all of that seemed normal, so it looks like my nerves and whatnot are fine. However, he did find that my left rhomboid is less developed than the right, and we're pretty sure that this is the cause of my winging scapula.

I went to the gym, too, and I found a reasonable assortment of exercises that I can do with dinky weight and no bad discomfort: deadlifts, triceps pressdowns, lat pressdowns, seated rows. At least I can hit leg presses and hyperextensions hard because they don't affect my upper body at all. I didn't get a chance to try squatting, but I might be able to do that as well (assuming that the bar resting on my back doesn't bother anything - incidentally, this is why I tried deadlifting first, as I figured that a static hold with light weight might not bother me). Some exercises that are supposedly good for people with rotator cuff problems were fine for one side but not the other, which was odd, but oh well.

Time to go stretch, I suppose...
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