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My latest installment of blasphemy is finished. Go take a look-see if you're so inclined. It was a nice break from costuming. Being farsighted sucks for this sort of hobby, as I can't focus on close objects for extended periods of time. My vision gradually starts to blur, so I need to go play on the computer or watch TV or do something of that nature until they return to normal.

Cardio - 20 minutes of elliptical hell. I set the resistance to 7 (I'm not sure what the highest level is, but that seems to be at least medium) and left the incline at its default. I warmed up for three minutes and then did 15-second sprints followed by 45 seconds at a moderate pace. I got through twelve of these, toddled along for a bit, and decided to see how far I could go during the rest of the allotted time. I wound up making just over 2 miles total. Yaaaaaay.
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