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27 August 2004 @ 07:48 pm
Bad news first: My stupid upper-body owies came back with a vengeance, and this time, I don't know what the hell is wrong. I suspect that my serratus muscles are weak because Rando noticed that the upper inner part of my left scapula sticks out more than the same part of the right one. I did some scapula stabilization exercises last night, which actually made me feel better this morning, but still, it's something that needs to be diagnosed.

And now for the good news: I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get a doctor's appointment for a while, but I tried calling the office of two of the physical therapy specialists listed on my health plan, and it turned out that there was a cancellation on Monday, so in I go. w00t. I don't think it's going to be anything horribly major, but I'm still extremely happy that I'll be able to get it looked at ASAP so I'll know exactly what's wrong and how to fix it. And at least my legs seem to be holding up OK (those hip exercises really did the trick), so even if I have to completely ditch upper-body lifting for a while (man, I hope not), I can squat and do HIIT, which does have an anabolic effect and will therefore help me preserve muscle mass (assuming, of course, that I keep on eating my protein, but like that's going to change).
Current Mood: optimisticoptimistic
necessary evilmeanjunglist on August 27th, 2004 04:55 pm (UTC)
I hope you feel better soon.

Lady Sith: Comfort hugsladysith13 on August 27th, 2004 06:00 pm (UTC)
*hands cupcakes*

hope your feeling better soon. And that those doctors find what is wrong with you and fix it :)

Lady Sith