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The very first Katie Bair wig auction is drawing to a close. I'm about halfway up the roster list. There hasn't been any recent bidding insanity, so I suspect that I'm going to get a spot. w00t.

I'm in the process of spackling the edges of the sword blade with Easy Sand. It's fun (like spreading icing), but I didn't do such a great job with the first round of it, not getting enough on the edge right where I needed it and leaving a bunch of "deposits" on the side of the blade. Feh. At least sanding cures all ills, and at least multiple rounds of body filler application take way less time than multiple fiberglass laminations because the stuff is sandable in 20 minutes. However, this means that a batch of it goes bad very quickly, so you literally only get a few minutes to get it all where it needs to go. I've just been mixing small puddles of it at a time.

Speaking of which, methinks it's time for another round. I'll post pictures once that's all been dried and sanded. ^_^


Feh...there is a last-minute bidding war after all. I'm now bumped off the roster, but I'm just going to let it alone. There is a chance to get back on if somebody who won can't pay for their wig, and besides, I have three more chances before ACEN to get on the list, so why go over budget now when it's not absolutely critical that I get my wig in January? Besides, Katie mentioned on her forum that more time units would be up for grabs next month, so the competition should be less fierce.

(Intermission again)

Unless some of the people higher up on the list can't pay for their wigs, a winner is not me. Oh big deal. Me go sleep now.
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