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21 August 2004 @ 10:13 pm
The very first Katie Bair wig auction is drawing to a close. I'm about halfway up the roster list. There hasn't been any recent bidding insanity, so I suspect that I'm going to get a spot. w00t.

I'm in the process of spackling the edges of the sword blade with Easy Sand. It's fun (like spreading icing), but I didn't do such a great job with the first round of it, not getting enough on the edge right where I needed it and leaving a bunch of "deposits" on the side of the blade. Feh. At least sanding cures all ills, and at least multiple rounds of body filler application take way less time than multiple fiberglass laminations because the stuff is sandable in 20 minutes. However, this means that a batch of it goes bad very quickly, so you literally only get a few minutes to get it all where it needs to go. I've just been mixing small puddles of it at a time.

Speaking of which, methinks it's time for another round. I'll post pictures once that's all been dried and sanded. ^_^


Feh...there is a last-minute bidding war after all. I'm now bumped off the roster, but I'm just going to let it alone. There is a chance to get back on if somebody who won can't pay for their wig, and besides, I have three more chances before ACEN to get on the list, so why go over budget now when it's not absolutely critical that I get my wig in January? Besides, Katie mentioned on her forum that more time units would be up for grabs next month, so the competition should be less fierce.

(Intermission again)

Unless some of the people higher up on the list can't pay for their wigs, a winner is not me. Oh well...no big deal. Me go sleep now.
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The Heavy Metal Matador: frylockrydain on August 21st, 2004 10:56 pm (UTC)
Anime Central 2005. Dynasty Warriors costumes are way complex, so I had to start working on them extremely early.
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The Heavy Metal Matador: frylockrydain on August 22nd, 2004 12:12 am (UTC)
Thanks. ^_^ I'm being super duper anal-retentive about detail, accuracy, and construction because I think that anything less would not do justice to my character's outfits. Some of the techniques I'm using (which I insist upon because they give me the results I want) can't be squished into a shorter time frame. For instance, when we fiberglassed the sword, each side took about a week to cure fully. The resin also needs to be at above a certain temperature to cure, and we won't be getting a lot of warm weather before ACEN, so I'm doing as much fiberglassing before summer's end as is humanly possible. I'm also going to be doing certain work that is time-consuming by nature (e.g. the embroidery on Zhang He's sashes - but at least I can pick that up and take it with me so I can work on it in bits and pieces over time). Plus, this schedule gives me a chance of finishing early, which is infinitely better than spending all of your spare time on a costume for over a month and still going nuts with last-minute stuff at the con.

I got interested in cosplay about three years ago because I'd wanted to dress up as Felicia of Darkstalkers for a while, and I got all excited when I found out about the concept of wearing video game character costumes to conventions. (I'd heard about sci-fi cons and the like beforehand, but I knew nothing about anime cons.) Back then, I was concerned about accuracy but not as much with craftsmanship, so though I got the fur pattern and paws pretty close to those in the game's sprites, the costume wasn't particularly well put together. Still, I spent lots of time and effort on it, and I enjoyed the challenge it presented. Most people suggest that your first costume should be something simple, but I guess I just like to dive in with both feet. At least I did decide on a simpler version of Zhang He's weapons as my first fiberglass molding project, so I must have some prudence in me after all. ^_^

At any rate...I wore the Felicia costume to Otakon 2002 and got a crapton of picture requests and a few compliments. I just loved the feeling of working so hard on something and having said work be received well by others. And, as I mentioned before, rising up to a challenge felt very rewarding, too. Thus, I was hooked on making more costumes and improving my craftsmanship and skill set. It amuses me that the difficulty, work time, and budget curve of my costumes has increased so quickly. Berserker Rikku was only my third project. (I made a bikini version of Felicia, but I don't really count that as a full costume because I used the paws and garters from the first version.) And before the first costume, I hadn't done any sewing since eighth grade home ec.

I think the cosplay bug bit me so hard because the hobby is an interesting mix of art and engineering, both of which I enjoy very much. I love getting to use both halves of my brain at the same time. =P

What are you doing around New Year's? AnnaCON will be going on as usual. If you could go, we would definitely have lots of time to chat. ^_^
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The Heavy Metal Matador: frylockrydain on August 22nd, 2004 10:08 am (UTC)
AnnaCON is skurtchasor and aitai's massive New Year's sleepover. They live in Illinois about 2 hours south from Chicago, so depending on how far west you are, it might not be too bad of a drive to get there. Many people hang out for a few days around New Year's (that's what we do because it's a 12-hour drive there and back). You can stay at the house for free or crash at a nearby hotel. I personally recommend staying at a hotel and then going to hang out at the house - with only one bathroom and 20something people, mornings got pretty crazy there. As I recall, we stayed at a pretty average place that probably wasn't too expensive, and we also shared it with Ernie and Ai, which helped. I'm sure that you could find AnnaCONgoers who would be willing to share a room and save some money.

Anna will certainly post information on her journal as New Year's draws closer, so keep watching that for info and directions. ^_^