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I finally updated Meow Mix. The short version: if some random guy at a kiosk in the mall asks you if you keep your nails natural, ignore them. Better yet, run. If you have $2 to spare and are curious about what they were selling, go to Sally Beauty and pick up a buffer block with a gray side and a white side. Buff your nails, using the gray side first. Be amazed. Be happy that you weren't bullshat into paying a way inflated price for a kit containing a product that does the exact same thing.

I busted out the scroll table again tonight, but I didn't cut as much as I wanted to. For some reason, it got persnickety and refused to heat (and magically worked again when I tried it a bit later), and then I realized that I had to square off the stack of foam that I'd sandwiched together to make an appropriately sized block, and that took way longer than I'd planned because I made two mistakes: trying to form the guideline by holding an object against the foam and trusting myself to keep said object parallel to some other reference. Careful measuring and the use of a straight posterboard edge pinned to the foam fixed that problem, but it was getting late, so I put my work away for the night. At least it will be ready to go tomorrow.
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