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03 August 2004 @ 11:09 pm
More cosplay blather  
Side #2 is pretty well cured. Now I get to deal with wrinkles (which I knew about before it dried) and some minor air bubbles (which I didn't). It's not going to be a big deal, though - fixing the wrinkles in side #1 didn't take off much of the glass at all, and these should be similar, so I won't have to spackle on a fuckton of body filler. Speaking of which, I just ordered myself a bottle of Evercoat Easy Sand. It's semi-liquid, intended to be used to fill small surface dents, and significantly more expensive than, say, bog standard Bondo. I found a few glowing testimonials from hot rodders while searching for more information on it, and that seemed to be a good sign that it would be an astute choice for this project. Josh even told me that it looked similar to some product they used in the aerospace lab.

I had a random desire to stop by JoAnn's on the way home today. I'm very happy I did. I located and purchased some fabric that will be perfect for the blue and white pieces of Zhang He's waist sashes - medium-weight polyester satin with a slight sheen (note the important adjective - I didn't want that stuff that is deceptively matte on the bolt and resembles a disco ball as soon as the light hits it), pleasantly soft surface, and nice drape. Too bad they didn't have any golden satin with similar properties. I also found a flower print silk with a golden brown background that seems to be a great choice for Xiahou Dun's pants, but I didn't buy any because I wanted to refresh my memory with the reference pic. Methinks me shall go back and get it tomorrow. I've also been reading up on hand embroidery, which is how I'm going to put those curly round emblems on the sashes. Yes...on all four of them. My right hand is going to hate me when I'm done with this.

(I'm not done yet! Weeeeeeeeeee!)

I think I figured out what was wrong with my left knee. There's a little muscle in the back of the knee called the popliteus. It stabilizes your knee joint. If other stabilizers are weak, the poor thing gets overworked if you, say, go running. I've suspected for a while that my hips are my proverbial Achilles heel. I recently located this interesting hip exercise, which I've been doing on a regular basis. It seems to be helping. I'm not going to try real running for a while, but I did do 2 miles on the elliptical trainer earlier, and my popliteus didn't complain one bit.
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The Heavy Metal Matador: frylockrydain on August 5th, 2004 05:40 am (UTC)
Working out on the elliptical is sort of like a cross between jogging and biking standing up because you pedal in a motion similar to what your legs do when you go for a run. Of course, nothing feels quite the same as actual running, but at least it's a pretty good substitute. The rowing machine works, too, but the ones at the gym are rather clunky (the seat doesn't quite slide like it should), so I generally just use them for a full-body warmup before lifting.

I have been doing my squats with a rather narrow stance (about shoulder width) for a while because I find them to be much more comfortable that way.