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Time to call the WAAAAAAHHHHmbulance!

Wow. Evidently somebody was so offended over the Architecture Student Society's tongue-in-cheek use of its acronym on its website that they bothered to complain about said website. And evidently this complaint was so vital to the operations of Penn State University that it somehow reached the office of President Graham Spanier. Who is this Jakovasaur who feels the need to whine about a 3-letter synonym for "buttocks", why the fucking hell is the university's time and money being pissed away on such a non-issue, and why is it such earth-shattering news that it made the front page of the Collegian, which is where I read about this crap to begin with? (If you look at the front page before the August 3 edition is put up, this non-story appears at the very top.)

Then again, considering the utterly ludicrous public outcry about Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction, should I even be surprised?
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