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Sword progress

We got the second side laminated, but it didn't lay quite as well as I'd hoped. A bunch of the fabric around the edge of side #1 got full of resin and dried so that it was sticking up when we flipped the sword over, so Josh had to work at it to get the cloth on side #2 to lay right. It still wound up with some wrinkles, and when I trim and sand the extra stuff around the edges (where, ideally, both sides of cloth would be neatly sealed together), I'm sure I'll have some gaps that will need to be Bondo'ed. At least it won't require a lot of Bondo, and it certainly isn't going to look fugly or cheap. I'm in no rush to get the piece done, and I will happily perform the spackling and sanding required to get it nice and smooth. I'll start taking pictures after that point when this thing is pretty much ready to prime and paint.

Incidentally, I realized that a pair of random 1-foot-wide boards that I found in the basement made a perfect surface to lay the sword on. If I would have thought of that before we had done the first side, we wouldn't have had that problem with the cloth getting folded under and sticking. Feh. At least this process is teaching me how to fix fiberglass oopsies that, to a novice, would appear disastrous, and like I said, the prop is not going to suck, so it all works out in the end. ^_^
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