The Heavy Metal Matador (rydain) wrote,
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*insert the mother of all Bob Terwilliger-esque grumbles here*

Well...we WERE going to Otakon. I was even willing to drive down there early tomorrow morning if we couldn't find any place to stay. (Randy's brother doesn't live quite as close to Baltimore as Randy thought.) So earlier today, we got in touch with Rob, who does live close by, and he said we could crash at his place.

......and then my immune system decided to go on strike.

This afternoon, I started getting loopy and heavy-headed, and I went right to bed when I got home. I just hauled myself out to eat something, figuring that was a good idea, but my head is still heavy and I'm freezing cold (and the A/C is off) and Randy says I'm hot. If we try going anywhere, I just know I'm going to wind up spending tomorrow sleeping on Rob's floor. Back to lying down, I guess... >_<
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