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Random schtuffs

My foam cutting stuff came, but I won't get to play with it until at least next week. We're going to Baltimore tomorrow night to see Randy's brother and his fiancee and catch Saturday of Otakon. I really didn't want to spend nearly $600 on 3 nights of a Inner Harbor hotel room (yeah, there are cheaper hotels, but they always book months in advance, and I didn't decide to go until I heard about onezumi's w00t b00th, which I just HAVE to see), and Saturday is the best day anyway, so why not? Plus, I have fond memories of driving up to Baltimore from his mom's place for Saturday of Otakon 2001. Granted, riding into and around the city was pure and utter hell - not only was there an Orioles game that day, there had been an underground explosion which forced the city to shut down a bunch of streets - but Rando, in his infinite calmness, negotiated the atrocious and rude traffic (driver-wise, that place was like a clean New York City - you had to cut people off if you ever wanted to merge into anything) and found us a parking space. We were only at the con for a few hours, but to me, it was an amazing wonderland of costumes, people, and STUFF. We bought soundtracks in the dealer's room and caught a Lupin the 3rd movie, which I really enjoyed (and randomly ran into Thar and Anna as well). I still remember zooming down the dark highway in the rain with "Oh Nick Please Not So Quick" jauntily playing over my car speakers. (One of our purchases was the DDR 3rd Mix soundtrack, which, even after all the others that have been released since that game, is still my favorite.) That was the year I decided to get my ass in shape for my Felicia costume. And that was the start of my cosplay addiction. I'd never dreamed I'd be getting into these insanely complex and difficult creations that would take me months to finish.

There's a new "debate" show on Comedy Central called Crossballs. The premise is funny (actors posing as experts debate unsuspecting guests), but the first episode I saw disappointed me. I was expecting masterful trolling, but I got over-the-top wackiness that neither amused me nor baited the guests. I thought that the show might still be trying to find its way, so I decided to keep TiVo'ing it and see if it got any better. Well, it did. In the education episode, the actors actually behaved believably, the teacher (an unsuspecting guest) responded to his opponent's rather outlandish (but not completely whacked-out) ideas and claims well (and one of said ideas was an education video that had me laughing out loud), and they had a frat guy expert who got trolled fairly well by the other actor in the room, who was playing the part of a smarmy anti-frat asshole. I also got a kick out of the actor portraying a local hero who quit school because the books smelled like old paper and the floor had too many squares on it and then became successful as a local movie reviewer (going from stereotypical braindeadspeak to stereotypical eloquent criticspeak in an instant upon request!) I hope the show continues this trend of not sucking. Considering how amusing forum trolls can be, its idea has quite a lot of potential.
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