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Act I: *I get home and take a look at my sword* There are wrinkles on the business end of the sword blade. They're small, but they're there, and they're pissing me off because the resin is dry and I don't know how I'm supposed to get them out. Oh, and did I mention that a section of cloth got caught underneath and wrinkled there, and that there are some rubber doots from the mat stuck to the cloth and underside of the blade? FUCK. Of course, the one person I know who can help me isn't on AIM...

(Intermission time!)

Act II: We locate the phone and, with the last energy remaining in its drained battery, manage to call Josh and tell him to get online. (Rando left the phone downstairs yesterday and forgot about it until earlier tonight. We really ought to get a second phone. A second phone with a cord. But anyway...) So he did, and it turns out that all I need to do is sand down the wrinkles (and Bondo them later on) and cut/file/sand the lumpy crap on that one edge into submission. He says that accidents of this nature happened in their lab, and they managed to get the resulting projects into good enough shape to be able to fly. I just want a prop sword that looks reasonably professional. Thus, I am a happier camper now. As far as the doots go, it was a snap to dissolve them with acetone-based nail polish remover dabbed on with cotton balls. Acetone is great for this sort of task because it doesn't harm the wood, fiberglass cloth, or dried resin.
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