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31 July 2003 @ 12:46 am
One week left...  
It's hard to believe that Otakon is almost here. I am making steady progress on my costume, and there's not really much left, so I should be done ahead of time this year. Yay. A couple of nights ago, I got a bunch of work done on my kitty ears. I didn't accomplish as much tonight, but at least I prepared some of the ear fabric for the final gluing onto the base, and I should be able to draw and cut out my updated back fur pattern before bedtime. During the week, I don't have time to sit and do crafty things for several hours, but at least the tasks at hand lend themselves to being worked on in small bits. I am dreading that final bikini leg topstitch, though, because the sewing machine went all wacky last time I tried. Needless to say, I'm saving that particular task for the weekend. ^_^

I went bowling tonight. It was lots of fun...and I stayed away from the yummy (but greasy and full of refined carbs) pizza, too. Yay me. I wasn't hungry, but pizza just has this allure that can be hard to resist sometimes. The protein bar I had after my workout helped quite a lot. The good ones keep you satiated for a pretty long time.

Cardio - I started off with 20 minutes on the CrossRobics upper-body machine, which essentially simulates kayaking. I'd been curious about this machine for a while, and I thought it would be a good break for my legs (which tend to develop owies and kinks if I do too much cardio in a week), so I gave it a shot. It's fun and deceptively difficult, but I didn't bust my ass (well, back) as hard as possible because my delts were really feeling it and I didn't want to wear them out for tomorrow's lifting workout. So I got on the elliptical trainer, cranked up the resistance, and went a mile in about 9:30. This was tough and got my heart rate up nicely, and it actually seemed to help my leftover leg grouchiness from yesterday. w00t.
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Current Music: System of a Down - Aerials