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Back in the gym

I had a few twinges but nothing major, and they went away when I gave them the ol' wall corner treatment.

Overhead squat - 3x8 @ 15 pounds (a Body Bar from the aerobics room). I hadn't done these in a gazillion years, but I enjoyed them and wanted to start again. I felt somewhat creaky on the first set, but the next two sets were much better because I remembered my form.

Chin-up - 1, 2, 1, 1, 1, 1. I realized that I was pulling disproportionately hard with my left side, which gave me weird discomfort on the inside of my elbow. When I slowed it down and focused on pulling with my back more, that went away. Yay. I have some trigger points around that elbow that still need to be worked on, too.

Dumbbell row - 6 @ 45, 7 @ 45. Again, I slowed down and focused on pulling with my back.

Seated row - 9 @ 70, 8 @ 75

Bench press - 3x6 @ 45, 5 @ 45. I know that sounds absolutely pathetic (especially considering what I used to be able to bench). However...I wanted to practice keeping extremely strict form and not letting myself flatten out, which requires light weight and (yet again) slowing down the exercise. I'd lower the bar under control, pause, and then push it back up rather slowly. My goals were to keep my shoulder blades tucked and move the bar smoothly and evenly, keeping my elbows in and not pushing too hard (or weirdly) with one arm. I stopped at 5 reps on the last set because I was losing form and getting a twinge.

Plank - 2 @ 30 seconds

Other lower-body supplemental exercises to address various imbalances - I did a bunch of 15-20 second butt squeezes (I'm getting a lot better at them) and several hyperextension "holds" in the Roman chair. I'd hold myself in the upright position for 10 seconds or so, rest for a few counts, and repeat until I couldn't keep my back arched as much any more. I need some endurance work for my lower back, and I think this should help. It was fun, too. ^_^
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