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Another knuckle-dragger crawls out from under its red, white, and blue rock

Since when does writing a harmless letter in which you calmly state opposition to the war mean that you're a coward and communist who would hightail it to Canada if the draft were reinstated? 1950 called - it wants its false-dichotomy-driven paranoia and general asshattery back. And last I checked, you can feel that, as sentient human beings, troops deserve such necessities as proper training and equipment and medical treatment (an opinion that is basically, oh gee, I don't know, supporting the troops) without agreeing with the orders they have to carry out. The marriage analogy put forth in that letter is not the same thing at all.

This reminds me of the idiotic letter I read in USA Today a couple of months back in which some troglodyte claimed that the Abu Ghraib abuse should not have been reported because it was undermining the war effort. (Yeah, screw all those towelheads, right? They must all have been in al-Qaida anyway! USA! USA!!111!!) And that reminds me of a Daily Show that facetiously reported that the troops were against the troops because soldiers had blown the whistle on said abuse. That show came out before the letter in question, and when I read said letter, I was befuddled that someone could actually be that much of a zealot. If you feel that the war in Iraq and/or our continued presence there is justified, that's one thing, but why go to such extreme lengths to attack people just for disagreeing with you? Sure, I like to insult the nutbrains because of their flagrant displays of idiocy, but you don't see me going around calling every single pro-war person a bloodthirsty racist pig just because they think we have good reason to continue fighting.
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