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Owie Whack-a-Mole - the endgame is nigh

I feel a crapton better than I did last Wednesday. For the most part, pressing movements don't even feel weird. I was happily doing a bunch of empty-handed Olympic presses (sort of like military presses, but you keep your elbows in front of you) in the bathroom earlier today, practically jumping for joy because I wasn't weirdly tight anywhere. The neck and lower back stiffness that I'd accepted as a fact of life is almost gone. Gone, I tells ya. I found a couple of weird lumps in my calves and worked on them. And guess what - I just got up and did some squats, and they felt good. Tomorrow evening, I'll do some test exercises with a broomstick, and if all is in order, ye olde arse is going back to the weight room. Yippee!
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