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03 July 2004 @ 02:36 am
Hooray for spamming my own journal  
A funny thing happened earlier today. I tried using the corner of the wall to find trigger points in my butt. I knew they were there, but I guess that poking them hadn't really been accomplishing much. I leaned into one and felt a slight spasm of sorts, and my long-term lower back stiffness mysteriously vanished. I am not joking. I was practically jumping for joy. My upper body is feeling better, too. I guess I just had these tense areas that, despite my best efforts, just weren't going away, which is why the owies kept coming back. I'm so fricking happy that I don't care if I have to take another week off just to make absitively posolutely sure that everything is in order.

Rob is up for the weekend. It looks like we're having some sort of gaming dealy at our house tomorrow.

Cosplay stuff: I bought a Black & Decker Mouse (a small handheld sander, which is going to come in handy in a little while), some coarse sanding sponges, and Dremel attachments: a pointy carving thingy and a pack of cutting wheels. I finalized my sword pattern (the blade's shape had been rather off because I was a doofus and drew it without the reference pic in front of me, just my sketch of said reference pic) and cut it out. I also did some wig research. Luckily, Rando's hair won't require any actual styling. If his head will fit into it, I'm just going to order him a long, straight wig from Amphigory. Mine, on the other hand, will drive me bonkers if I don't get it commissioned. I was thinking about dyeing my hair and styling it, but I don't know if I really want dark brown hair for a couple of months, and I later found out that Zhang He has bangs, so I figured that if I was going to have to mess with fake hair to get those (I refuse to cut mine), why not just skip the dyeing and whatnot and get a wig? Katie Bair made a very nice Sun Ce wig (like Zhang He, he has that high ponytail thing going on) for not much more than the cost of the raw materials. She'll be taking orders starting next month, so I'm going to bug her ASAP so I can get my order in. A good wig really is worth it. Anna sprung for an accurate Yuna wig for her costume, and it really helped to complete the look.
Current Mood: slightly creaky but steadily improving
Current Music: "Crazy Train" stuck in my head