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Last night, I bugged Rando to look for knots in my back. He found one that hurt and pressed on it for a while. The tension in my shoulder released instantaneously. Earlier today, I found some more that I was able to press on by leaning against a wall corner. My upper body still felt wonky this evening, so I decided to forgo lifting, but it feels better now, and it's also better than it was yesterday.

In addition to the exercises for hip and lower back imbalances suggested on that website I linked to earlier, I've been periodically trying squats with no weight to see if they hurt. They usually would after a few reps, but I just banged out a whole bunch of them and my lower body felt A-OK. So that end of my body is improving as well.

Costume progress: I ordered 10 yards of .73 oz fiberglass cloth, 1 1/2 pints of 30-minute EZ-Lam epoxy, and a dispenser for said epoxy last night. The plywood has flattened out nicely. I got a giant roll of plain wrapping paper at Michael's and started working on the sword pattern. I'm quite lucky that someone made a nice fanart (fair warning - it's bloody) showing the sword guard clearly, as it's difficult to see its shape in the official CG's (you can tell that it's gold and curvy, but that's about it). I have the handle and guard traced, and I've started plotting points so I can draw the blade. I also got a block of 1/2 inch plywood to use to thicken the guard and handle. (It's not going to be enough for all the pieces, but I at least wanted to pick some up to mess around with.)
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