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30 June 2004 @ 11:09 pm
Oh yeah  
I wetted down the concave side of the wood (some woodworking site said that you only need to get that one side wet because it's the one that has to expand) and stuck it betwixt a layer of newspaper and the tool chest. Dave (my office mate, who has done stuff like this in shop class) told me that this would be adequate to allow the water to evaporate. Now I just have to let it stay there for a few days.

I play Neopets mainly as an exercise to see how money and pet "experience" accrue over time if you do all the daily freebie events and sell the expensive items that you'll occasionally win. If I came across something unusual and didn't know if I wanted to sell it right then and there, I'd stuff it in my safety deposit box. I've been on the site for almost 3 years, and in that timeframe, some items become retired...and thus worth a fuckload of money. I finally got around to looking through the ol' box o' randomness, and I discovered that I had a purple paintbrush in there (which was worthless to me because I don't want to make any of my pets purple) that was going for the game's equivalent of around $55,000. Wooooowie. I don't actually do anything competitive on the site, but it's fun to make money and watch my pets' stats increase with next to no effort on my part. =P
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