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These guys inadvertently took a picture of my butt. Look at the last picture on this page. (For those of you who don't know - yes, the majority of that ponytail is my own hair. It took me years to grow it. I'm proud. ^_^) I think my orange leg tattoo looks pretty good, especially considering that I drew it myself. They got me posing, too, on the next page - I'm making a dorky face (which happens occasionally when you're me), but the caption is amusing.

I seriously need to redo my headband (so the big horn sticks out properly), the ends of my gloves (one of the fingers has a giant glop of e-6000 on it, and I want to make big bad awesome claws), and my feet (OWWWWWWWWWW those fuckers HURT) for next year. I should interface the legwarmers, too, so they're conical no matter what angle you view them at. They look fine from the sides (as you can see on that page I just linked to) but oddly narrow from the front. I haven't been doing much costuming stuff lately, but at least I found a piece of wood for Rando's Xiahou Dun sword (I totally lucked out and came across a random 12"x48" strip of 1/8" plywood at Nittany Line - it was the exact size of my pattern and the perfect thickness) and (as I sort of mentioned) made a pattern for said sword. I need to soak the wood and flatten it before I can do anything, though. Bleh. Perhaps I should start working on my pattern for my claw arm guards. Goddamn it I need to get my rear in gear...
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