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Rydain's back...tell a friend...

After a very long hiatus of near-to-complete inactivity, I'm back to the GameFAQs boards. I posted there a buttload ~3 years ago, applied to be a moderator (and got a spot, which really surprised me), got less active (mostly because I was busy modding posts), got even less active (I think at that point, I was spending much more time at Acmlm's), and just didn't give a rat's ass for a while. I can't remember why I drifted away, but I vaguely remember thinking that the boards were turning into an anarchic and unfriendly mess and that nobody was going to remember me anyway, so why bother?

Just recently, I thought I'd give the boards another shot. After all, I'd had fun there long ago, and I still enjoyed posting on the friendly, quiet boards of some of my favorite games. To my pleasant surprise, I found that The Forum offered a good mix of fun, social threads (that you could actually keep up with, as opposed to the ones where you got lost because people posted so quickly or nobody would talk to you because you weren't part of the board clique - incidentally, this was another reason I left - some of the major social boards pretty much freeze out non-clique'rs, which irritated the shit out of me on principle) and debate threads that didn't degenerate into mud-slinging stupidity. Current Events seemed pretty cool, too.

So I started posting.

And people remember me. *waves at solar661*

And I'm having fun...and helping out with the mod duties, too.

I should get back to Acmlm's. I post, but I'm still pretty quiet there.
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