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06 June 2004 @ 05:48 am
(This is probably only mildly amusing, but it's nearly sunrise here, and things of this nature tend to be hilarious at such a late hour.)

Somebody made a text editor for Linux and named it sex. This isn't a completely random decision (it's supposed to be an anagram for Simple Editor for X), but it does make the page for this software package (huh huh huh) much more amusing than it normally is. You can see who's responsible for sex and look for other versions of sex! Whoopee! Another page shows that someone accepted sex. And who says UNIX geeks never get any? ~_^

While I'm on the subject, who the hell named JuK? I understand why they did it (it's a jukebox application for KDE, and according to convention, KDE app names wind up with a capital K somewhere), but whenever I read it, it makes me think of the noise that my cats produce when they're hwarfing up a hairball.
Current Mood: laughing my ass off (obviously)
Current Music: Linkin Park stuck in my head