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Meow Mix isn't dead! I got annoyed and inspired, so I'm ranting again. Now I just have to import my old stuff, and I'll be set. I don't know if I really care about saving everything, but my IRC Bible tales will not be lost in the asscrack of my old blog database, dang nab it. =P

Rando decided that he's going to cosplay Xiahou Dun. He was trying to decide between him and Zhang Fei, and he originally wanted to do Zhang Fei, but I balked at the idea of having to convincingly recreate a bunch of shiny metal armor pieces with weird contours. Xiahou Dun has a fairly complex costume, but its details are easier to replicate in a non-ghetto fashion. For example, he has a metal piece on the bottom of the sash that hangs from his belt, but it's flat and its finish is matte (OMG i rhymed lol1!!), so I could just make it out of styrene and paint it with gray model paint. Anyway, we did rock paper scissors and I won, so Xiahou Dun it is. I told him that I'd put metalcrafting (or, at least, making oddly shaped stuff with shiny surfaces) next on my list of techniques to learn and work on Zhang Fei for another con.

Now I just have to dig out my workout log and type it in. Weeeeee.
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