The Heavy Metal Matador (rydain) wrote,
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Boo computer breaking...but yay upgrade

My video card croaked, as did the fan on one of my CPU's. We took the opportunity to get me a monster (200 gig) hard drive and a fresh install of Debian unstable. My computer is much quieter now, which is nice, and said install is indeed shiny and new...but I'm rather aggravated because I don't have everything set up just the way I want it yet, and I can't exactly stay up late to do so. For instance, I need to figure out how to get XFce4 to start up with the iconbox (w00t) instead of the taskbar (bleh). I got it working on my old system, but it wasn't really the nice solution. I'm also going through all the crap I've been accumulating for the past 3 years. I had at least three image directories without much rhyme or reason as to what went where, and now I'm actually reorganizing them in a logical fashion. It should be fun, but instead, it's tiring. Bedtime now...finish making puter perty later...
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