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21 May 2004 @ 10:04 pm
Back to the gym  
I started lifting again on Tuesday, tweaking my workout somewhat to accommodate my cranky shoulder. Instead of bench press, I'm training military press, and I'm also keeping the intensity lower (i.e. I won't be going for a 3-rep max for a while). Bent-over barbell rows were bugging me, too, so I ditched them in favor of more chins. In order to avoid the bad kind of owies, I have to be really anal about form on certain exercises. For example, when I do chins, I must focus on pulling with my lats. Triceps pushdowns with the rope attachment (assistance for military press) are performed rather slowly with my shoulder blades tucked back. At least I can do those exercises without pain, though, so why complain?

A while back, I quit jogging because I thought it was the cause of my knee pain. It took me way too much time to figure out that the actual cause was my laziness with regard to stretching. On Wednesday, I bought a new pair of running shoes and went for a spin around the neighborhood for the first time in around two years. I went a bit over a mile and a half (which was pretty good considering that I had just done heavy squats the day before, which meant that my legs were tired). I jogged again today and made 2 1/2 miles. It turns out that the Easterly/Westerly Parkway has some conveniently placed landmarks. From the intersection of my street and University Drive, the Garner Street intersection is exactly a half mile away, and the Allen Street intersection is another half mile down. Thus, I jogged down to Allen Street and ran that in-between half mile a couple of times before deciding that I was zonked enough to call it quits. I really missed running outside, and it didn't bother my knees, either.

Note to self: journal your frickin' workouts! Sheesh!
Current Mood: zonked
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quufer on May 23rd, 2004 11:49 am (UTC)
I've talked with 40-50 year-old old dudes on this one, and taken their advice to heart. If you don't want to have knee and hip problems when you're 50, then don't run on concrete. It's that simple. Not that I want to discourage attractive females from running on the sidewalks around State College, but it's probably better done on an actual track. The IM buiding track is pretty good, and 8 laps to the mile. There's less activity at Rec Hall, but the track is better, and only 6.8 laps to the mile. I'm not sure if PSU allows just anyone to use the track on University (just down the hill from the BJC), but that would be the best one around, of course. I never got tired of running in circles, though keeping count is a bit of a pain. I found that the IM building was better because there was more other people there doing volleyball/racquetball/etc., and that took my mind off of running. But whatever you do, don't run on concrete.

Keep the workout logs coming! I haven't worked out since November - our gym closed its track and replaced it with oodles more of free weights. It also went from a "fitness" focus to a "muscle" focus. Ai still goes, but I haven't found another place yet.