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Reviews that make you go WTF

Raaacism! No, Grandpa, that's just a fucking movie

For those of you who saw Shrek 2:

Can someone explain to me how in the bloody hell the production number of a certain Ricky Martin song was "a gag way past its time and deeply offensive to boot"? I don't know about you, but I sure as hell didn't see anything that was remotely offensive, yet alone deeply. My best guess:

Premise: The song in question is considered to be Latin music.
Premise: Antonio Banderas, who voiced Puss in Boots, is Hispanic.
Premise: Puss in Boots danced around during the song.
Conclusion: Privileged Whitey thinks Hispanic people can only dance around to Latin music! OMFG TEH RACISM!!!11!!!

Seriously, people - I don't get it.
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