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My precioussssssss

I know I said I was afraid the joke was getting old, but screw it. I feel like making it again, so there. I need to wind bobbins before I can sew any more, and my eyes need a break, so here goes a progress report. If I don't sleep tonight, I'll go into work freaky early so I can leave in the early afternoon. Yes...I can think on very little do you think I got a computer science degree? =P

Glove #2 - One seam to go. My blue bobbin magically decided to be a fuckup and do that really damn irritating thing where it jams after the 2nd or 3rd stitch, so I have to make a new one before I do anything else.

Bra - Much to my joy, I discovered that I can sew the two back pieces together and still wiggle in and out of the garment, so no safety pins for me. w00t. The bias tape "loops" are almost all on. I ran out of brown bobbin right before the last one. Bleh.

Pauldrons - Fully painted and connected with elastic. I was evidently channeling Special Ed when I started gluing the snaps because I got them completely bass-ackward. Luckily, I was able to pry them off, and I decided to just glue the elastic right on. It's fairly heavy (3/4 inch non-roll), and E-6000 is seriously strong shit, so it should be fine. If the elastic fails and the pauldrons crash to the ground and shatter and I want to cosplay Berserker again, I'll redo 'em out of fiberglass. But I'm getting overly paranoid and way ahead of anyway...

Claws and necklace pieces - Reasonably sanded (the claws are the same size and a similar teardrop shape, but they're not perfectly flat - so friggin' what - they're animal claws, and last I checked, those didn't come off an assembly line in a factory somewhere...the necklace pieces are much more even because I was able to cut out the exact shape I wanted with a cutter dealy, and I just lightly sanded them to make the edges nice), and sitting downstairs with their first coat of primer. After that dries, I flip 'em over, primer the other side, and then paint them white and add some red detailing to the teardrops with acrylic paint.

Horn - I managed to achieve some sort of burnished gold look. It still has doots, but that's not necessarily bad. If you ganked a horn off a real animal and spray-painted it, it would sure as hell have little divots and crap in it. Besides, in my experience, minor shit that you freak out about tends to not show up well in photos, so why worry in the first place? Overall, the horn's surface is pretty smooth, and I'm quite happy with its shape and color, so nyah. *tbbbbbppppppt*

Headband - I found out that you can indeed glue sew-on Velcro. Yay. However, I'm going to wait on the gluey fun until we get to Chicago. E-6000 is best if you can give it at least 24 hours to dry, and that horn will sure as hell need to sit and cure in a stable position. If I glue everything on Thursday night, it will be quite secure by Saturday morning.

Collar - Uh, I figured out the automatic buttonhole attachment and bought some teeny Gingher embroidery scissors for opening the buttonholes...does that count? I hope so. After I rewind that blue bobbin, I'll make a test buttonhole with 4 layers of fabric (my first one used 2) just to check the settings, and then I can sew the buttonholes themselves. The actual buttons are among the items being saved for dead last because I can do them on the road.

Shoulder fur - Gaaaah, I haven't even started this yet. Luckily, a latch hook is not considered a hazardous item, so I could pre-cut a buttload of yarn and work on this on the plane.
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