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Can't sleep...costume will eat me...

Well, not quite, but that would have been a good subject earlier this week. I see the light at the end of the tunnel, though. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

Horn - Needs to dry just a tad, and then I can sand the end and paint it (tomorrow).

Pauldron #2 - Has been ringed. Gets its final sanding and couple of coats of Mod Podge on the bottom tomorrow. Will be paintable tomorrow night. I decided that I'm going to use E-6000, large snaps, and non-roll elastic to get the pauldrons in a wearable state.

Glove #1 - Except for minor tailoring, the sewing is done, and I'm pretty happy with it.

Glove #2 - The sleeve and one seam of the blue thingy around the palm are sewn.

My shoulder seems to be getting better. I can still make it click, but at least it doesn't hurt. I'm not going to do any heavy upper-body lifting until after ACEN is over, though. Hell, I'm having trouble making it to the gym now. Earlier this week, I was even having trouble going to bed on time. Wednesday really sucked because I'd gotten around four hours of sleep on both of the previous nights, so I was chugging coffee like a psycho to attempt to get myself to think. (Don't worry, Mom, that was just one day. I'm not a caffeine-holic. Really. =P) Oh, and to make matters even more fun, I was driving myself nucking futs at random times during the day trying to figure out how to securely attach tubular fur fingers to a horizontal piece of fabric. It made me so happy when I went home and found out that it wasn't difficult to machine-sew them on neatly.

Oh, and I have a good picture of the horn and a rather crappy one of the glove (Randox is out and about, so I couldn't bug him to help me take it). Look in my gallery to see. ^_^
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