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Current task: topstitching the edges of the blue pieces that edge the openings of the palms of Rikku's gloves. I'm not using a fabric that frays, but I want the edges to look neatly finished, so there ya go. The good news: the process is going well, and I'm quite happy with the results thus far. The stitch line is a little wavy in parts, but who the hell cares - extremely precise sewing comes only with lots of practice. The bad news: since I'm farsighted, this sort of work makes my eyes get tired pretty fast, so it's break time for me. Bleh. Maybe I should get some reading glasses in the near future - I am, indeed, going to crossplay Zhang He (Dynasty Warriors 4 version, which doesn't involve a bare-chested costume) along with a big group of friends for ACEN 2005, and that will involve a FUCKTON of tailoring and detail work. Hrm...I wonder if I could bring the pieces to sewing school... ^_^
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