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I'm not dead!

Weeeeeee. Anna is up for the week, so we're having lots of fun. The costume is going quite well. Apart from the claws, both feet are done. The horn is nearly fully clayed (it just needs to finish drying so I can sand it). Pauldron #2 should get its ring tomorrow. The bikini top is almost done - I just have to put a couple of stitches in the corners of two fur pieces, attach the bra straps to the underside of the fur straps (well, sort of - I'm not going to sew them directly on because I want to be able to adjust the straps if necessary, so I'll just sew strips of bias tape across them), and figure out how to finish off the back part where the hooks are. There's plenty of fur left over back there, and it will overlap and snap or Velcro somehow for seamless coverage, but I need to work out the exact details of that. Some of the glove pieces have been cut, Sharpied, and dried, and I just finished the remaining part of the glove pattern (the blue strip that goes across the back of the hand and scoops down on the palm side) earlier tonight. I've been working on my hair, too. I just finished caulking a packet of Kanekalon into a weft, which I'm going to cut up and style into bangs that I can pin into my hair. (The pins will be hidden under the headband, so I don't even have to worry about making that part look perty.)

Speaking of the headband, that's my biggest worry at the moment. I know how I'm going to make most of it (I have headliner for a smooth, substantial base and nice fabric to cover it with), but that horn weighs 2 1/2 pounds (I actually got on the scale with it), and I'm worried that it will make the headband droop weirdly or sit uncomfortably on my head. I already know that my neck is going to get tired (aergryph had that problem with her clayed Berserker horn), but I can deal with that. I have a bunch of heavy wireform mesh and thick armature wire, so I figure that I can make a headband base out of mesh, poke the wire into the horn, and use pliers to wrap its ends tightly around the mesh. That should work. I hope.

In other news, my shoulder has decided that it randomly hates me, so I'm not going to lift until it feels normal again. I tried to go on Friday. It sucked. I know that a week or two off from lifting isn't going to give me 20 extra pounds of bodyfat and the strength of your average wet noodle, but it's still annoying, especially when you're only 5 pounds away from squatting your own weight. Oh well. At least I can jog without making myself owey, so I don't have to be a total couch potato in the meantime.
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