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Carnivores guested for Savoir Faire tonight. I enjoyed the Savoir Faire concert and thought that we did pretty well. I did go about a half-step sharp during "The Middle", but the others told me that it sounded fine, so yay.

Stef came over again, and we watched a hilariously campy TV movie - Terror in the Mall. The premise of a bunch of people (including a killer) getting trapped in this flooded mall was actually pretty interesting, and though the dialogue sucked and the music was boilerplate and the special effects were amusingly amateurish and we didn't give a shit about any of the characters, we got a kick out of the movie. I had actually seen parts of this one ages ago and remembered the flooded mall bit but nothing else about it, and during our Crappy Lifetime MovieThon last Saturday, it came on, and I recorded it because I was curious to see what happened and I thought Stef would be amused.

For some reason, cheesy made-for-TV movies entertain me. I suppose it's because they usually have a plot that moves at a decent speed, and their shoddy elements are fun to bust on. Plus, they generally make it obvious when stuff happens, so you can talk with your friends or work on projects during the movie and not really miss anything (which is why they make good background for sewing and knitting). Sometimes some aspect or another of these movies will be done pretty well, such as when they find a talented actor to portray a very distinctive character, and said actor does an excellent job. Case in point: Bronson Pinchot as type-A whacko Craig Toomy in the TV adaptation of The Langoliers. He really wasn't overacting. The character really was that messed up. Plus, seeing him yell "I'm going to Boston! I'm going to-" and get smacked in the head by a toaster was funny as shit.
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