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Hooray for shrapnel

I just finished carving my big honkin' horn pieces. It took me two hours, and once again, I made a mega mess, but the result is going to be more accurate than I'd thought, which makes me happy, especially because I hadn't drafted a pattern or anything. I carved one block of floral foam into a cylinder, cut a second block in two, and then carved a 90-degree elbow bend and a commalike dealy and basically just kept messing with it all until I got a basic shape that I liked. The pieces don't fit together perfectly (which would have been a royal pain to accomplish), but that doesn't matter because they can still be stuck together with wire easily, and the surface that I'll get after they're covered with papier mache and paper clay will look the way I want it to. I'll put up a picture later.

Why the hell is my nose dripping like Niagara Falls and itching like crazy? Did I mysteriously develop a pollen allergy, or am I getting sick again? Bah.
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